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Welcome to Shelbyville
Directed and Produced by Kim Snyder


Miss Luci, Teacher, ESL and U.S. Civics

Miss Beverly, Caterer

Pastor Stephen Caine (L)
Mohamed Ali, Imam, Shelbyville Mosque (R)

Brian Mosely, Reporter, Shelbyville Times-Gazette

Ed Gray, Superintendent, Bedford County School District

Eugene Ray, Mayor, Bedford County

Hawo Siyad, Worker, Tyson Foods

Miss Marilyn, Sunday School Teacher

Miguel Gonzalez, Auto Worker, General Motors


Change has come to rural Tennessee.
Set against the backdrop of a shaky economy, "Welcome to Shelbyville" takes an intimate look at a southern town as its residents - whites and African Americans, Latinos and Somalis grapple with their beliefs, their histories, and their evolving ways of life.

"Welcome to Shelbyville" is directed and produced by Kim Snyder and executive produced by BeCause Foundation in association with Active Voice.