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Welcome to Shelbyville
Directed and Produced by Kim Snyder

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Shelbyville Multimedia

Shelbyville Multimedia introduces you to the cast of Welcome to Shelbyville, a handful of straight-talking people in rural Tennessee who are taking immigration into their own hands  by welcoming newcomers.

Developed by Active Voice, with many components adapted from Welcome to Shelbyville, Shelbyville Multimedia is a platform to promote community-building and harmony between native-born Americans, immigrants and refugees nationwide.

It includes the following components:
·         Full-length and hour-long versions of the independent film Welcome to Shelbyville that can be screened in policy, faith-based and community settings.
·         Shorter video “modules” that use compelling storylines as training tools for service providers and community leaders.
·         Webisodes that feature new footage and reveal the complex dimensions of the residents of Shelbyville.
·         Social media tools, including an interactive website and a Facebook page, to inspire broader community-building among people nation- and worldwide.

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Welcoming America

Welcoming America is a national, grassroots-driven collaborative that works to promote mutual respect and cooperation between foreign-born and U.S.-born Americans. The ultimate goal of Welcoming America is to create a welcoming atmosphere – community by community – in which immigrants are more likely to integrate into the social fabric of their adopted hometowns.


Change has come to rural Tennessee.
Set against the backdrop of a shaky economy, "Welcome to Shelbyville" takes an intimate look at a southern town as its residents - whites and African Americans, Latinos and Somalis grapple with their beliefs, their histories, and their evolving ways of life.

"Welcome to Shelbyville" is directed and produced by Kim Snyder and executive produced by BeCause Foundation in association with Active Voice.